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Causes of Kidney Failure and Prevention

There are various things that can be the cause of kidney failure. Damage to these organs is a high risk for people who have certain diseases or unhealthy habits. Recognize what causes kidney failure and the steps you can take to prevent it. Kidney failure is a kidney disease that is quite feared. This condition occurs when the kidneys are damaged and cannot function properly. Kidney failure is usually the final stage of kidney disease, where damage to the kidneys is sufficiently severe or prolonged, resulting in permanent dysfunction. Before it's too late, find out what causes kidney failure and risk factors, and take preventive measures to reduce your risk of this disease. Risk Factors for Kidney Failure In general, kidney failure is caused by 3 things, namely direct damage to the kidneys, lack of blood supply to the kidneys, and blockages in the kidneys or urinary tract, so urine cannot be removed from the body. Based on the classification of the disease, kidney failure ca
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Learn More About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Do you often feel tired even though you have slept or rested enough throughout the day? If so, it could be a sign of a condition called chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a condition characterized by fatigue all the time. This certainly will reduce the quality of life of sufferers, because the complaints of fatigue that constantly will make CFS sufferers feel powerless to work or do other activities. In contrast to fatigue due to heavy physical activity or being not fit, chronic fatigue syndrome can even cause fatigue that is heavy enough to make sufferers difficult to get out of bed. Not only in adults, this condition can also occur in children. Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic fatigue syndrome can cause symptoms that vary, depending on the severity of the condition experienced by each patient. A person is said to have chronic fatigue syndrome if he feels tired or constantly for more than 6 months with no apparent cause. In addition to fatig

So that the lumbago on the left when pregnant is not dangerous

Pregnant women experience many changes in the body that can be uncomfortable. One is left back pain during pregnancy. This condition is most often felt in the last trimester of pregnancy. Generally, back pain is a common condition experienced by pregnant women because the baby's body is increasingly enlarged followed by enlargement of the uterus as a space for the baby in the womb, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy before delivery. Left lumbago during pregnancy may be felt especially if the baby is more often in the left abdomen. Some pregnant women feel it as normal. However, some others may feel their activities become very disturbed. Even some pregnant women feel it as a trigger for sleep disorders to bring additional stress. Detecting the Cause Recognize various possible causes of left back pain during pregnancy or other back pain around the waist: The relaxin hormone which helps increase ligament flexibility in the pelvic area. This flexibility is needed to